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DT Investigators provides investigative, consulting and security services, specializing in internal affairs investigations for law enforcement agencies, administrative investigations, Title IX sexual misconduct investigations, background investigations, workers comp fraud, civil litigation investigative support and counter-surveillance techniques.

DT Investigators is owned and operated by Daniel K. Troidl, a 27-year veteran investigator with the Vermont State Police. Troidl held several Command positions during his career including Director of Internal Affairs, Special Investigations Commander, Bomb Squad Commander, Troop Commander, and the Narcotics Investigation Unit Commander.

DT Investigators is licensed in Vermont, New York & New Hampshire and is fully insured and bonded.


Law enforcement agencies are under increasing pressure from external sources demanding transparency and accountability from their Police Departments.  Few Police Departments have dedicated Internal Affairs Units, resulting in most investigations being conducted by supervisors or co-workers who lack the training and experience to properly investigate allegations of police misconduct. DTI specializes in law enforcement internal affairs investigations providing experienced, objective investigative and consulting services.



Have there been reports of harassment, sexual harassment, theft of employer property, physical violence or inappropriate use of employer equipment at your workplace?  DTI conducts thorough and impartial investigations for state and local government agencies, school districts, and private sector businesses.



Pre-employment background checks are an important step in finding the best employees and protecting your company from the risks that come with untrustworthy workers.  DTI conducts thorough and complete pre-employment background investigations.  DTI has conducted pre-employment background investigations on candidates for positions of Chief of Police, Fire Chief, Town Manager, entry-level law enforcement, volunteer firemen, town/city employees and private sector employees.  Background Investigations can be tailored to meet client’s needs and budget.


Title IX is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any educational program or activity that receives federal funding.  DTI is trained and experienced in conducting Title IX Investigations and is on the United Educators register of approved investigators.



DTI provides investigative support in civil litigation cases providing services such as locating and interviewing witnesses, asset searches, background investigations, public records searches, and photography/videography.


According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud (CAIF), insurance fraud is now the second largest criminal activity in the U.S., costing Americans more than $80 billion each year.  DTI offers experienced, effective workers comp and insurance fraud investigations, utilizing covert surveillance to obtain video evidence.


Advances in technology pose a greater threat to your privacy today than ever before.  Are you concerned that hidden microphones or cameras have compromised your home, office or vehicle? DTI has the specialized equipment and years of experience to conduct counter surveillance techniques designed to locate, identify and remove these bugging devices.

about us

Daniel K. Troidl started DT Investigators in 2014 and over the last 5 years has conducted hundreds of investigations on behalf of state, county, and local government agencies, private companies, college and public-school districts, and some of the leading attorneys in Vermont.  Mr. Troidl is an approved investigator for United Educators and is the lead investigator for Vermont’s Judiciary Professional Responsibility Board.  DT Investigators portfolio of cases includes internal affairs investigations, Title IX investigations, litigation support, administrative investigations, counter-surveillance operations and pre-employment background investigations for both senior level public positions, including Chief of Police and Fire Chief, and senior level private company hires.

Prior to starting DT Investigators, Mr. Troidl spent over 27 years in law enforcement, having served as Captain of the Vermont State Police, Director of Internal Affairs, Commander of the Narcotics Investigation Unit, Troop Commander and Commander of the Special Investigation Unit, which included oversight of the Vermont Drug Task Force, Drug Division Unit, and Executive Protection Unit.  In these roles, Mr. Troidl gained extensive experience and expertise in

• Internal Affairs Investigations
• Drug Investigations
• Sexual Assault Investigations
• Accident Investigations
• Interview and Interrogation Techniques
• Statement Analysis
• Police Organization Leadership and Policies
• Incident Command
• Executive Protection

In his role as Director of Internal Affairs, Mr. Troidl investigated more than 200 allegations of misconduct against sworn members of the Vermont State Police and worked closely with the Vermont Attorney General’s Office, States Attorneys, and the Vermont State Employees Association in the disposition of these cases. He also provided regular briefings to the Director of the State Police, The Commissioner of Public Safety and State Police Advisory Commission.

Mr. Troidl is a graduate of the FBI Hazardous Devices School and of the FBI National Academy (219th session).  He was a member of the Vermont State Police Bomb Squad for 12 years – serving as Bomb Squad Commander for over 6 years. In recognition of his expertise and leadership, he was elected to serve two terms as a member of the National Bomb Squad Commanders Advisory Board (NBSCAB) by his fellow Bomb Squad Commanders in the Northeast Region of the United States.

Mr. Troidl holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont and has previously held a “Secret Level” Security Clearance.