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Affairs & Investigations
Law enforcement agencies are coming under increasing pressure from external sources demanding accountability from their Police Departments. Very few Police Departments have designated Internal Affairs Units, meaning most investigations are conducted by supervisors or co-workers who have little or no training and experience investigating allegations of police misconduct. DT Investigators specializes in law enforcement internal investigations providing experienced, objective investigations and consulting services.
Misconduct Investigations
DT Investigators also conducts employee misconduct investigations for private businesses and public or government entities other than law enforcement. Misconduct can include sexual harassment, theft of employer property, physical violence and inappropriate use of employer equipment. DT Investigators will conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into these allegations.
The Centre for Retail Research estimates that in 2011, retailers lost more than 45 million dollars due to shrinkage – losses caused by theft and fraud as well as procedural failures and accounting errors. Retail experts believe that employees steal five to six times more per incident than external shoplifters. The average incidence of shoplifting costs a few hundred dollars. The cost of the average incidence of employee fraud is climbing toward a couple thousand dollars. DT Investigators can help mitigate these losses utilizing overt proactive techniques and/or covert investigations as appropriate.

Additional services provided by DT Investigators include College Campus Sexual Assault Investigations, Insurance Fraud Investigations, Workers Comp Investigations and Background Checks.